1660 Italian Harpsichord (1997 replica by Norman Sheppard)
Forty pounds of clarity and proportion. Finds the exquisite lines and precise intonation of Italian renaissance and early baroque music. Ideal for chamber performances and radio interviews.
Featured in:
Harpsichord Music from Italy & Spain
Harpsichord Music of the Italian Renaissance



1679 Flemish Harpsichord (1999 replica by Norman Sheppard)
The harpsichord of J. S. Bach’s youth. This four-octave instrument, modeled after the 1679 Couchet in the Smithsonian, provides the compass and timbre for Bach’s mid-life masterpiece, The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I.
Featured in:
J. S. Bach, Two-part Inventions, English Suite in A minor, Notebook for Anna Magdalena
J. S. Bach, The Six French Suites
J. S. Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I



1780 Fortepiano (2003 replica after Stein by Norman Sheppard)
The concert keyboard instrument of the high classical style. Its brilliance and articulation provide essential theatrical immediacy in the music of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven.



1840 English Upright Piano
The early 19th-century pianos designed for home use provided intimacy and poetic capability. This instrument’s poignant and gently swirling sound, famous for its vocality, is perfectly matched to the sensibility of the early romantic era (“I wandered lonely as a cloud”). Chopin’s beloved studio instrument–an exquisite voice for the nocturnes, mazurkas, preludes, and waltzes.
Featured in:
Music of Frédéric Chopin



1850 English Grand Piano (Collard & Collard)
This entirely double-strung parlor grand piano cultivates the important middle ground between the intimacy of the early upright piano and the public voice of the concert grand.
Featured in:
The Americans: Piano Music of Joplin, Ives, Foster & others



1873 English Concert Grand Piano
Manufactured by Collard & Collard of London, this instrument embodies the dusky grandeur of the Victorian aesthetic. At once sonorous and veiled, the tone is ideal for late romantic, impressionistic, and early modern music–Debussy, Brahms, Mussorgsky, Bartók, and Ives.
Featured in:
Music of Debussy, Brahms, Bartók & Foster
Debussy, Suite Bergamasque & other selections


c. 1855 Bösendorfer Concert Grand Piano